Anyone interested who at some point decides to take CBD asks themselves the question: How do I best take CBD? CBD products come in a wide variety of forms and can therefore be delivered to the body in different ways. We explain to you all the advantages and disadvantages of the three methods of taking cannabidiol. After all, the CBD should also be able to work! But what is best? What can I do if I don't like the food supplement?

  • Take CBD orally

In most cases, CBD is used in the form of CBD-containing oils (CBD oil) or pastes and is therefore used orally . When used correctly, as is so often the case, it depends on the consumer and their respective intentions. Many people recommend putting CBD oil under your tongue and keeping it there for at least a minute .

As the oil lingers in the oral cavity, a large part of the CBD is absorbed through the oral mucosa. It has been proven that absorption through the oral mucosa is faster than through the gastric mucosa and the desired effect of the CBD therefore sets in earlier. After the minute, however, the oil should be swallowed and not spit out so that the rest of the CBD can be absorbed through the stomach.

Some users find the taste of CBD oil or paste rather unpleasant. In this case it is also possible to swallow the substance directly . The CBD is then completely absorbed in the stomach through the gastric mucosa. The effect of the CBD is by no means lost, only the period of time that passes until the onset of the effect is extended.

CBD does not have to be taken with meals . The digestion of CBD products works without any problems even on an empty stomach. However, the contents of the stomach influence the effect of the substance, especially the time before it occurs. The full the stomach when ingested, the more time the body needs to absorb the CBD. The effect can therefore be expected to occur even more quickly on an empty stomach.

  • Inhale CBD

Another way of taking CBD is by inhalation . In particular, patients with psychological difficulties and anxiety are often recommended to take CBD by inhaling special CBD extracts . With this method, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs and therefore happens very quickly. When buying such extracts, make sure that they are of high quality.

  • Use of CBD

How regularly CBD products should be taken depends on the user and intended use. CBD can definitely be taken as a holistic medicine that is permanently integrated into everyday life . It can help the body to build up and maintain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant mechanisms on a permanent basis.

Another option is to take CBD as a remedy or as needed . This is particularly useful in the case of temporary complaints, such as the flu or pain, or in times of greater tension, in order to facilitate relaxation in phases of rest.

In these cases, it is recommended to start taking the CBD when the first symptoms appear and only stop taking the CBD when the respective symptoms have completely passed. The experience of the user helps here. For example, there are reports of migraine patients who resorted to CBD products at the first, barely noticeable signs of migraine flare-ups and were thus able to prevent larger flare-ups over longer periods of time.

The type and frequency of ingestion ultimately depends primarily on the personal taste of the user and on the symptoms to be treated. Different methods and frequencies are possible and should be tried out individually by each.