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It is one of the most frequently asked questions, consistent with the fact that those who take CBD are almost certainly seeking relief from a health condition that can be more or less disabling.

As with any substance that we introduce into the body, cannabidiol will also have an effect depending on the characteristics of the person and how it is taken.

Metabolism undoubtedly plays a key role since it is involved in a multitude of physiological processes, and we have seen above how it is one of the mechanisms most closely linked to the functions of the endocannabinoid system. It follows that the subjectivity, in this case, is almost total and that many factors must be considered, including body weight and age.

Last but not least, the times of action are also closely linked to the methods of taking the CBD.

For example, oils are used for their effective and rapid action on the body, given by the sublingual intake. On the contrary, instead, the crystals are chosen for their absolute presence of a single component of cannabis, in our case CBD or CBG. They are preferably taken through a vaporizer suitable for the purpose, capable of controlling the temperature.

This allows almost immediate assimilation as the CBD is absorbed by inhalation, entering directly into the bloodstream without passing through the digestive system, for a more intense effect but with a shorter overall duration.


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