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To understand the evolution in the use and the great acceptance of Cannabis as part of medicinal treatments, we must begin by knowing the history of the plant popularly known as cannabis.

It is important to know the history to understand how we rely on it, especially when it comes to medical terms.

Cannabis has one of the most spectacular stories of all plants. Ancient cultures used it to make rope, paper and boat sails. Doctors used it to treat ailments, and religions used it to get closer to the divine or drive away evil spirits.

Today, millions of people around the world use cannabis. But, like many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy today, cannabis began as a wild species, limited to certain areas of the planet.

Since the discovery of cannabis, humans have spread the plant to all corners of the Earth and domesticated it. They have created hybrids and different varieties, and have used it to create medicines and industrial materials.

The cannabis plant originated as a wild species, quickly becoming one of the most versatile and controversial herbs in human history. Royalty used cannabis as a medicine to combat pain. The religious believers took their psychoactive properties to feel closer to the gods.

In the modern era, researchers have uncovered the chemical complexity of this plant. The breeders have developed strains of cannabis with much larger amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes than their wild ancestors.

There is no doubt that cannabis has had a significant impact on human culture over the last few thousand years. So let's see exactly where cannabis comes from, how it spread across countries, and how this popular plant is regarded by the world today.


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