Are there actually any advantages of CBD Coffee? Our blend which is intended to assist people with relaxation and combine it with caffeine may appear to be odd, but enthusiasts of the beverage state it only really removes those caffeine jittery nerves.


Our Golden Glow CBD Coffee is the glorious result of our perfected

process of blending roasted, organic CBD isolate with roasted 

organic coffee beans to produce a premium, 

delicious, full-flavored CBD coffee that doesn't leave a bitter 

after-taste. Every coffee drinker will enjoy this full-bodied coffee 

with the unmistakable, nutty flavor and will love knowing our Organic

CBD Coffee also contains 1.23 grams of "Sea Free" Omega-3 fatty

acids and 4 grams of "Sea Free" Omega-6 fatty acids per serving

(50g-dry weight). These fatty acids promote heart health, lower

triglycerides, work to reduce inflammation, promote brain health

and support the immune system.


So what are the benefits of CBD Coffee? It's much easier on your

tum and is much less acidic than regular coffee. Our CBD coffee

is made with organically roasted, fair-trade Mexican coffee beans 

for a beautifully smooth yet bold flavor, with a hemp nut aftertaste.

So say bye-bye to the bitterness, baby! Our perfected blending

process has made sure to eliminate that! Drinking CBD Coffee can

curb your depression and appetite and enhance your exercise 



Made with Organic Ingredients: French Press Medium Bold Coffee

with a Rich Hemp Nut After-Taste 


25 MG of CBD isolate Per Bag (8 OZ)

Serving size= 1 Tea Spoon per 1 CUP


Serving Per Container 48 




CBD COFFEE 25 Mg 8oz


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