The Berry Blossom is a cross between the Chardonnay and the Cherry Kandahar S1 strains. Buds are light green with scattered purple hues while the flavor profile is floral with overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries. Berry Blossom is known for its high CBD content with a strong terpene profile and potent aroma consisting of sweet berries.


As an indica-dominant strain, Berry Blossom leans more towards the sedative side of the CBD spectrum. But despite its calming effects, it doesn’t couch lock its user, giving you just enough clarity of mind to help support slow and steady productivity. But if you feel more like relaxing, the Berry Blossom can be some help as well.


This extremely floral hemp strain also has hints of candied raspberries and exotic undertones, which comes from the Chardonnay strain. The majority of Berry Blossom seeds test at 15-18% CBD and .3% THC.


Available in 3 sizes.



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